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  • Built Ford Tough

    Last week Justine Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada thanked Canadians for putting their trust in science to cope with this outbreak. The media across Canada is praising him for how he is handling and leading the nation through this crisis. Then I read somewhere the other day that President Donald Trump called for a national day of prayer and he was mocked and ridiculed for it. This article is so correct when it mentioned that we as a society now look to the state and science for the answers rather than looking to God.

  • Built Ford Tough

    We often try to find happiness in everything only to find we're still unhappy when we get what we were after; we're just trying to fill a void by accumulating wealth, possessions, higher education, careers, etc. Jesus tells us to first seek the Kingdom of God, Matthew 6:33, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness..." Once we seek Jesus and His righteousness and live by every word of God then we'll truly be happy and live a more abundant life being content with what we have as that empty void will be filled with the hope, promises and love of God . Romans 15:13, " Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

    1 Timothy 6:6, "Now godliness with contentment is great gain."

    Psalms 37:4, "Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart."

  • Built Ford Tough

    Interesting article. People look at the laws given in Deuteronomy and Leviticus and associate them with the Old Covenant and claim they are not for the Christian today; and yet there are reasons God tells us to avoid certain things. God does not forbid us from doing things because He's a big meanie, He commands things for our own good, for our own health and well being. God created us and the world so He knows how things work, just like a car maker knows how their cars work and what type of fuel and lubricants work, and what can be harmful to that vehicle. The bible is to us what an owner's manual is to a car; if you follow your manufacturer's manual you'll get many years of worry free driving as your car will last; the same is with us, if we follow God's owner's manual, the Bible, we'll live a long, healthy, happy life. Sure, some of God's laws sound strange and off the wall, but He gives them to us for a reason and that is for our own good.

  • Built Ford Tough

    Great article, we're the ones with the ego, not God. How much better off the human race would be if we would just humble ourselves as Jesus did.

  • Built Ford Tough
    Only God knows when the end will be, but I feel that we are getting closer. Being 50 I wonder if I will live to see it or if it will be after I'm gone; there is so much evil and corruption I cannot see mankind going on too much longer as everything is messed up beyond repair. Sure God can give us a few more years, but for how much longer as we can clearly see everything is starting to come together. We have a current pope who could be the guy as he is very popular and is calling on all religions to unite, and he has on some occasions blasphemed God, one of his blasphemies stated, "Jesus' life ended in failure on the cross" and he also said a "personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous and harmful." I don't know if he is the final pope but I don't trust him; there may be more popes after him but he certainly starting to heat things up. With all of the social and political upheavals, and an economy on the brink of collapse a perfect storm in this world is starting to brew and people will be looking for a strong leader who will bring stability to this messed up world. Time is short, repent and seek the Lord Jesus Christ while there still time.
  • Built Ford Tough

    In today's world celebrity worship seems to be a big thing; people will follow and hold on to every word their favorite celeb says. I've even heard people refer to certain celebrities as "gods" Well I guess they are as people worship the ground that they walk on. I've heard people refer to Eddy Van Halen, Eric Clapton or the late Randy Rhoads as "Guitar gods." What people need to realize is that all of their celebrity gods in the end will drop dead, look at Elvis, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, they're dead and gone and yet people still worship them. I've even read about a John Lennon fan who committed suicide after John was assassinated - Why? Lennon didn't even know she existed; this was celebrity worship to the extreme! Get over it folks, celebrities are nothing more than mortal human beings who have nothing to offer and in the end they will all be dead and six feet under. Jesus is the one that we need to worship as He is the Son of the Living God and only He can offer us eternal life. Jesus has more to offer than some living or dead celebrity, and only He is worthy of our worship.

  • Built Ford Tough

    Good article Mr. Ashley.
    You've mentioned about celebrities lecturing us about virtue; all I have to say is what do these immoral idiots know about virtue? They are among the most vile and corrupt people in our modern society, they contribute to the godless filth being spewed through their music, movies, and TV shows. I certainly could care less what some vile celebrity has to say.

    About the supporters of ''human rights" that advocate mass murder through abortions; it reminds me of the pinko lefty socialist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who claims to be the champion of human rights says any Liberal who supports pro life cannot be a member of the Liberal Party of Canada, plus he will not allow them to run for public office on the federal level. This champion of "human rights" and "equality" is the same guy who refers to Fundamental Christians as "the worst of Canadian society."

    You're so right! We live in a world where evil has become good and all that is good has become evil; it makes me sick that the world has sunk to this level. May God speed the return of Jesus and the establishment of His kingdom.