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  • Jhaskins
    The noise of the last trumpet and the angel sounding a proclamation, surely isn't very secret. Eyes will be able to see Christ in the air and the clouds. I believe it also has an element of being a counterfeit of Her/the church's place of safety. (There are sermons on the site on the subject.) Whatever God's truth is; Satan has to distort and twist it. Growing up, in this world, that is what mankind is first exposed to. No matter which Biblical piece of knowledge it is. When I first came into the Church of God, in the sixties, we were told if we didn't understand something, or if we were confused, to put it on the shelf. I have used that ever since. And find it is best to pray about and meditate such things. And be a Berean, and check it out with the Bible to prove that it be so.
  • Jhaskins
    You are so right. God is the only one to rely on. When the end time plagues come about onto humanity. We can't rely on vaccines, but God. We can relate to the parallel of how the Israelites were affected by some of the curses or plagues on Egypt, but not all of them. We sort of have a symbolic "blood on the doorpost" to spare us, some of what is coming ahead. Of course depending upon obeying God's guidelines for being spared. We may be in the process right now, of conditioning our minds and heart for other events that will incrementally occur. We are in training as a Christian soldier; in putting God first.
  • Jhaskins
    I think of the different good thing this virus has done. We can always find positives and a silver lining in the worst of situations. It helps us to relate to the shut ins, of not attending services. Even though most singles/widows, live alone in solitude and isolation. It helps us to see how God the Father and Jesus Christ wanted more God Beings around to love and inter mingle with. Can you imagine this earth when there was just TWO beings before they created the angels? The angels were created on a secondary level to them. Like pets are on a secondary level to humans. WOW! They sure used the painful and long way around having God Beings around to love and to accomplish with them.. Almost equals. And They used DIRT to start of with. They have to test our metal. I guess they created the angels by fiat out of the air. We can find things to be thankful for. We can be thankful we have the TRUTH and HOPE for the world's future. A light at the end of this "dark tunnel". We see it dimly, but it will to become VERY bright in the end!
  • Jhaskins
    That was such an important Bible Study. Many of those that used to be part of us, but no longer with us, used to understand these truths, and have long forgotten them. 1. They forget that as God our Creator he is Sovereign, and has the right to decide who He gives what territories too. Especially when he has set down criteria or guidelines, and the people in that land don't obey. 2. Peoples today do not believe in the cause and effects of obedience and disobedience. People in this world would be a lot happier, if they would only obey the Lord God. Satan is behind the temptation, "to want to do it our way". Or rationalize or reason around what God wants from us. Or use others rationalization that were heard. I don't do "this way of life", because "I have to". I have learned to enjoy it very much. Much more joy and peace in my life. I thank God for calling me into this way of life.
  • Jhaskins

    Too much criticism can be emotional abuse. We all knows how that feels. It can make the other person feel incompetent or a failure, and cause them to be despondent enough, to think, "I can't win for losing", and all energy depleted, and give up. People go to their graves, with the emotional hurts of times past.
    There is a scripture, about in the last days, the fellow servants will beat another up. That is mainly with words.
    This article is correct. Even if we feel like saying something, it may not be best spiritually for the other person.

    Encouragement gives a person, the "I Can Do! attitude. Gives them more energy to keep trying and plugging along. It sparks their energy; and a better outcome. It helps them to believe in themselves. We are commanded to edify one another. We are also told to exhort one another; which means ENCOURAGE.

  • Jhaskins
    When life circumstances do happen to us, whether we are a victim or guilty of a transgression, we should meditate, and ask ourselves questions, and talk to silently to God at the same time. Ask ourselves, what can we do or prepare for the next time something like this happens? How can we treat others in like circumstances. Or teach younger people to avoid our mistakes. If it is a lay off, we may make a plan to save for emergencies. If it is a death of a loved one, we will know more how to comfort another. After I lost a small child in death, it helps me to know to approach others with empathy, compassion and give hugs, etc.
  • Jhaskins
    Thank you for posting your slides under the Downloads bar. Very good sermon. Proving by scriptures of God's guidelines in killing an unborn child. Your final conclusion was good.
  • Jhaskins
    Hi Randy, I have been challenged about the 7,000 year period. By a former WCG family member and a UCG member. I believe in the 6,000 + 1,000= 7,000, but I cannot prove it. Yes, we can Biblically prove a six day work week and a Sabbath. And the thousand year period. And that a thousand years is a day to God. I went online and put in 7,000 years Church of God, and nothing significant came up for CoG. I did find a SDA article on it. and other inaccurate charts. But it didn't have the backbone to prove it. It is okay for those that believe and trust what they have been taught before. Can you refer me to scriptures that are plain on this subject? Your sister in Christ, Jeannette
  • Jhaskins
    Ro Lashua, You made an excellent point of asking for affirmation that the first occasion of the influence of the immortal soul was when Satan told them they wouldn't die. I agree with you.
  • Jhaskins

    I believe that prayers from around the world made a difference in the boys survival. Wherever the prayers came from. Especially when you seen the perfect timing, as the last one left the cave alive.

    I have heard a statement, that I don't agree with. “That God doesn't answer the prayers of worldly people.”

    It depends upon the heart of the person, and the situation.

    At one time, pre-conversion, Christians were part of the world, or in darkness. As we became into the light, ourselves, and as each baby step in our prayers and our spiritual journey.

    Our first prayers, were in darkness too. Or we were seeing and understanding the Bible dimly.

    There are many examples where God has intervened in the lives of those not of the Christian faith.

    Such as Wars. God sent clouds where the enemy could not see, and thwarted the killing of many.

    In the second resurrection, some of these non Christians, will recollect back at times, when God intervened. Many times miracles are to help the unbelievers understand more.

  • Jhaskins
    It would have been nice if the translators would have left the word "prautes” as is, when translating into English. Since we do not have an English word that says the true meaning of it. Today, the English language contains many other languages, in its vocabulary. I highly recommend this sermon. Meaty and heart knowledge.
  • Jhaskins
    When I first came into the church, there was a more overall excitement for the brethren. I don't remember there being the cliques then. Everyone was friendly to each other, with enthusiasm, when I first started. It made us feel like the red carpet was rolled out for us. Not just the greeters at the door. Also after we got into the auditorium, eye contact and smiles were there for us! It is natural for everyone to gravitate to their own age group and those we have more in common with. Like families with children, in the same age group. Sometimes it can feel awkward to be friendly to others. From my experience, it has been very rewarding with a wealth of friendships. It has been recommended in the past, "Be a committee of one, to meet and greet everyone." Being friendly is the first step in loving others. Treating others as you would like to be treated, is giving others your time and attention. There is the saying, "blood is thicker than water". Have experienced that Spirit is thicker than blood. We have more in common and deeper relationships. We don't have the barrier of religious beliefs, like we can have with family. Have to skirt around conflicting beliefs.
  • Jhaskins

    When I was 12, I was baptized in a mainstream Sunday keeping church. I was coerced by a teen friend of mine. She used fear; “what if you died during the night.” It was not my idea, nor did I volunteer on my own, to be baptized at that time of my life.

    When I was 18-19, I mulled around in my mind the subject of really being baptized; into a church that more closely matched the teachings of the Bible, such as the Sabbath and the holy days.
    I went through a process of elimination, in deciding which church.

    Before baptism, I felt a “brick wall” in fully understanding and growth. After baptism, I didn't have that feeling anymore. God's Spirit living in us, inspires better understanding and growth.

    There are two stages that we are created in the image of God. 1. Physical and 2. Spiritual creation. The physical is overnight birth. Whereas the creation of us spiritually is a lifetime process in incremental stages. The greatest growth spurts after a trial, gives me more faith and empathy.

    If we are waiting for a dramatic event like Apostle Paul. It normally doesn't happen to the rest of us. It is a sincere and serious prayerful and meditative process.

  • Jhaskins

    Some people go to their graves, as a result of hearing hurtful words as a child. Destroying self esteem, destroys the "I can do!" confidence.
    Balance is key, as we all need correction. Give the correction the way that we would like to be the role reversal.
    I notice that sometimes, those that can dish out the yelling and emotional pain, can't take it. We don't feel the "stones" that we throw at others, but we sure feel the "stones" thrown at us.
    We all need to pray for His Spirit to keep us balanced.

  • Jhaskins
    Thank you for debunking Satan's counterfeit of an essential tool for growing in God's knowledge. And a good definition of God's kind of meditation that we must live by.