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  • Yankl
    Thank you so much, Mr. Webber, for this and other wondferful messages!
  • Yankl

    Dear Mr. Seiglie:
    I wanted to offer my sincerest thank you for this excellent piece. As a certified Biology teacher, researcher and statistician, I have sometimes been troubled by the little bit knowledge accrued in my past education, I think mostly from my unperfected love and faith, try as I might. Your article was so well-written and convincing, I was moved to tears when I finished.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Yankl
    Dear Mr. Thomas: Thank you for the wonderful message. Sincerely, Jerry
  • Yankl
    Dear Mr. Leiby: Thank you very much for this timely message! I have found myself somewhat down about the lack of growth I have seen in myself over the years and my perception of others as well. Your message has helped me clarify many issues. As a baseball box score nut, I might say that fielding percentage might be considered as BA is affected by the efforts of nine other members of another team who are trying to stop the batter each time at bat (something like that may indeed be happening though!). Given this, a .300 BA over a 15 -20, year career is generally considered HOF level. Fielding percentage kind of kike seems like working out one's own salvation on the field as each fielding chance becomes an individual trial to overcome for the fielder. A good FP starts from about .970 to .980. Thank you very much again. I genuinely look forward to hearing your messages! Sincerely, Jerry
  • Yankl
    Dear Mr. Mills: Thank you so much for your message of family unity and love. With much love! Your friend, Jerry
  • Yankl
    Dear Mr. Miller: Thank you so much for your message. Sincerely, Jerry
  • Yankl
    Dear Mr. Bradford: Thank you very much! Sincerely, Jerry and Sandy Brenner