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  • siblime
    Pastor Myers Nailed it and I believe we are living that moment as I speak and no need to name the antichrist it is only obivious and makes sense for him to pick the corrupt party and rather be for America be against theme from the inside like isis does you know them bad people who want All Americans dead. The Democrat party offends me more than a your one person, they are a party who looks for the weaker people and promise them the World and gives them grief as they yet to do anything for the black Communities,Mexican ,gay,lesbian,job unions, and most recently brought the transgender into the spotlight over bathroom useage, how mean and cruel for the democrats to drag them into the presidential, I am sure we been sharing the bathrooms for decades and it hasn't been An issue as far as I knew because bathrooms are Private. You know own who he is and current isn't I. His name but former is more like it an establishment that cut our Military and did absolutely nothing for America let alone Americans. What he did was get your Support with lies and and he did as the democrats have a history of. I thank our POTUS Donald J.Trump and you should as well This is a war between Good & Evil.
  • siblime
    Ma'am I am Jess from Lake Oroville CA, a 50 yr old American/Mexican born in Sacramento, CA. I speak only English it's all of know. With all due respect I disagree 100% and sorry you believe the only person in this Universe that can Beat the antichrist is our POTUS Donald J. Trump whom I am honored as a born in America American he kept his Promise from 1988 on the Oprah Winfrey show he would only run for President if the Country Needed him & that time has come and we know who he is and thanks to Crooked Hillary being a bad person herself Evil lost first round because he don't have access to white house. Instead we have a President who is standing to his promises for US the American people andon't just like the Bible says he give you false information lie directly to your face. When dealing with such Evil you need fearless leaders and we have them in the Military and now they have a real American Leader behind them and not tyin gtheir hand together like the what's his name. I BEEN Trump since day one he has not offended me in anyway if you have something 'bring it' I challenge anyone, this is for my grandkids ALL KIDS! so I ask you to rethink, pray, & Prayers to you, God Bless ❤