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  • Johnm
    I believe you have done a good job but wait there is more; in this last case the person became homicidal; given the same stimulus another person may have become suicidal. The question I would ask is , is the whole school, or the whole country on the verge of psychosis, needing only a small push to take them over the edge?
  • Johnm
    While I am inclined to agree with what is said there appears to be something wrong. The union of church and state is a norm; an example of separation of church and state is communism or Roman Catholicism where the laity is separated from the priesthood. God gave Israel a church state system in the guise of a covenant; the kingdom of God will be a church state system.
  • Johnm

    I do not think the article resolves the problem; my reasoning is different; the Law is thou shall not murder; the Law allows the death penalty; the covenant involves he second death; on occasions God has instructed Israel to kill it's enemies. Suicide isn't murder but it appears to be wrong; most people who commit suicide are mentally ill; otherwise a persons breath is the spirit of God and to snuff it out may be serious but if it is sin then I do not have a clear view of what Law is broken; God has a purpose foe each of us and premature death may defeat the purpose; we are required to endure to the end to be saved; suicide would be the end for that person. I don't think suicide would effect a persons salvation in any way; how much the person had endured or not endured may.