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  • badhop22
    Very interesting study, I always thought things would have to change after the time of Daniel.
  • badhop22
    The best sermon I have ever heard on this. I worked in underground coal mining when I was younger and I have seen fossils several hundred feet under the surface of the earth. No way the flood can account for all this. A very intelligent effort on the speakers part. Thank you
  • badhop22

    My wife was just watching a documentary on the Amish and said they were still going by the old testament and it has been done away. Once someone has attended the Church of Christ it seems all is lost. I have long stopped arguing with people about such things. Although the Bible says to correct a brother I can only pray God will forgive me failing in this. I looked up this article to show that a person would have to throw out much of the new testament, since so much is quoted from the old I even have a bible in which I highlighted all the old testament verses that are in the new. But I didn't want to get in an argument about it, so I let it go. I'm old and sick and won't live to much longer so I don't want to spend time arguing with people. I started studying the Bible for real in 2013 when my 36 year old daughter passed away. I have found so much truth which I had never heard preached anywhere I had been to church. My favorite verse is 2 kings 5:19 when Naaman had to return to his land and the prophet told him to go in peace. I hope when the resurrection occurs I hope Christ says come in peace. Thanks for your efforts I'm sure I'm not the only person out here who needs a friend.

  • badhop22
    One of the best teachings I have ever listened to. I always enjoy Mr. McNeely studies but this one is special. We have changed so much since my childhood. My son and I were talking about if the world obeyed just one commandment say not to steal. He asked about what would be a fair price to sell something for. Is charging to much stealing or just good business? I've thought about this for a while and have come to a better understanding of what Christ did by fulfilling the law. Charging a price well above the value of something may not break the letter of the law. But the saying "what would Jesus do" comes to mind.
  • badhop22

    i'm giving up. it's just causes too much tension. I was baptized in Janruary after putting it off for a long time. I had worried that trying to keep sabbath and eating only clean foods would cause problems if only I had known how huge those problems would be.I had hopes that a few of my family members might be helpful, now they say I'm being silly.