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  • Joshua Infantado
    Such a wonderful sermon about wisdom! Thank you. :) Just one question... Isn't Jehovah a mistranslation? Why do we still use it in Church?
  • Joshua Infantado

    This is worth reading and sharing! Thank God for inspiring you to write this, Mr. Webber. :)

  • Joshua Infantado
    This timely Mr. Myers. I also thought of augmented reality as a way Satan deceives this world. He has used augmented reality to convince many people that his version of reality is better than the reality of God, that it is better to get rather than to give. I hope it is okay to leave a link in my comment. I also wrote an article about Pokemon GO and how Christians should respond to it. Here's the link: [Link removed to comply with comment policy.]
  • Joshua Infantado
    What a great bible study about the Sabbath! I just realized how much I can still learn about this very powerful day. Thank you Mr. Myers and to God be the glory!
  • Joshua Infantado

    Great points! :) This is a timely reminder for me.

  • Joshua Infantado

    Am I a tare or a wheat? This is an important question we all need to ask ourselves.