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    Hello Judy,
    I wanted to thank you for reading my article and for reaching out. It can be hard to admit when we are feeling alone. The older I get, the more important I am finding relationships, especially with other women both older and younger, to be. Rather than just looking for a friend to "hang out" with, I find that I am craving their counsel and their wisdom. I think that so often we want a "program" to get us together or an "organization" to organize our fellowship, but I think it has to start on a more local level. We have to be willing to reach out in our local areas and make those connections and forge those relationships. Understanding what it is to be a Widow is not something that I can speak to. I have a dear friend who has had to navigate this path. I will ask her what helped her. If it is alright, I could share that with you. Reach out anytime. Joy

  • Joy Jones

    Hello Michelle,
    Thank you so much for reading the article. You make a good point in the wording that I used, "there is no right way to pray." Perhaps it would have been better expressed as that there are many ways to pray to our Father in Heaven.
    I believe that scripture shows us examples of many ways of praying to our Father and being heard. In Nehemiah 2: 4 & 5 Nehemiah is asked a question by the King that he needed an immediate answer to, "Then the kind asked me, 'What is your request?' So I prayed to the God of heaven and answered the king..." In this situation, Nehemiah was not able to go away and pray in private. He needed an immediate answer. He prayed to the God of heaven in that immediate moment and God answered him.
    Prayer is a relationship that must be built and nurtured with God, and relationships take time and effort to build. Matt 6:5-9, I believe, focuses more on our intention in our prayers. Are we praying to be seen? That is a problem, if that is our motivation. I have had some of my most intimate prayers with God while walking in the mountains, or sitting by a river. Thank you for bringing up a point to consider. I appreciate your question.

  • Joy Jones

    Hello Sherrie,
    Being a parent is such a weighty gift and responsibility. I think there are so many pieces to helping someone become a better parent. Mentoring is one incredibly simple way to help someone. I think all to often we look for the church, the school, or whatever the organization is, to "help us" do a better job. I think that we can start at a much more basic level. We can decide to be a mentor. This can be on a very local level. I know that the women and men who were willing to walk beside my husband and I, and lovingly show us a better way, made a much larger impact than any article or resource. I love that we, as individuals, can choose to come alongside another person and companion them through their journey... supporting them, encouraging them, and sharing the lessons that we have learned along the way. I think the important thing is that it is always done in love..

  • Joy Jones

    Thank you, Lisa. I have appreciated different things about Children's Bibles, but I do love and rely on the completeness of the Word of God. I think that a children's bible can have its use, as long as we are not relying on it to fully teach our children. They can be tools to awaken the desire to know more, but they are definitely not the full course.

  • Joy Jones

    Don, thank you so much for your kind words. I hope to begin writing on a more regular basis. This blog was harder for me than I realized it would be. I wanted to capture that when I was a child I didn't see the struggles of the men and women around me that I saw as giants. But as an adult, I realize that they each day made a choice to press on and rely on God to help them overcome their struggles. Again, thank you for your encouragement. I really appreciate it.