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  • Kathy Lausted

    Mr. Eddington,
    The link to the classes doesn't work. Could you please look into for us?
    Thank you for your service!! Kathy Lausted

  • Kathy Lausted
    Mr. Shude....I made it up to Part 15!!! Yes! It is, indeed, a great study. I shared with many and they all agreed. I plan to share with my father who is 96. My question is this: We can't find Part 13. It took me awhile to find Part 14 which I am doing right now. Part 13 I believe is about the fruit of the spirit which would be so interesting. Anyway, can you help us? Thank you so much for this study and for your service!! Kathy Lausted
  • Kathy Lausted
    Great series on prayer! This is something I wanted to work on in my life. I will add many of your points to my prayer journal! Thank you so much Randy!! Kathy
  • Kathy Lausted
    Timely message for us all. It is hard to watch what is happening in the world. But it is also hard to watch those of faith become involved in movements that are questionable. As you said our focus should be the kingdom. What a great cause that is! Thank you for your hard work.
  • Kathy Lausted
    Mr. Shude.....Very good bible study on Galatians! I plan to finish this study. There have been some people in my life who have been asking questions about "the law" being done away. I have read the bible many times and been to many studies. And I was able to point out some scriptures but others are confusing. Then I found your Bible Study. Thank you.
  • Kathy Lausted
    Thank you Mr. Eddington for the message. It was very apropos to today. This is a message that first of all, helps to know that God is with all throughout the ages; and second, helps us to see the way through the world today. (It really is common sense when you read the Bible but it helps to hear.) Your message will go into my Journal that I write in as I come across messages that will help me in the journey to spiritual life. Thank you!!