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  • Ken Graham

    Hi David:

    This is true in many ways. Thank you for your comment. Certainly, Satan has desired to corrupt and destroy the Word of God, but God has always kept His true Words available. No one translation is perfect and has all of the intended meaning, but if one searches and is careful with the various translations, with study, God's words are available and can be found out.

  • Ken Graham

    Hello: Shawn:

    First of all the Hebrew counterpart YH, why is the "proof" irrefutable? It's a good phrase but there is no proof that is how it was pronounced at the time the bible was written. The best source to us the Jews have many mistaken traditions. Jesus Christ condemned many of their "traditions" because they were not correct. I occasionally pronounce YHWH when referring to the tetragrammaton, but usually apologize to the audience because I really don't know how it is to be pronounced. I refer to God as God most often.

    Without asking God directly how to pronounce His name, it is disrespectful to go around assuming we know how to pronounce it. We can put all the effort in the world into trying to pronounce it, and still be wrong. Why do that, and get people into a bad habit of mispronouncing it. That would indeed be foolish. There is no preserved pronunciation in the preserved manuscripts, unless you are referring to existing manuscripts with marginal notes by recent scholars. But the recent scholars have no access to how it was originally pronounced. Recent attempts to pronounce it, have no bearing on how it may have been pronounced 2000-2500 years ago. Ken