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  • Ken Murray
    Lynn, i appreciate you giving this very worthwhile message. I will have it played for our whole congregation, here in Clermont, Qld, Queensland and hope that other congregations of UCG, also play it. Your scriptural references, along with your baseball analogy, are very helpful in understanding how we can evaluate our own spiritual growth, as well as having a realistic approach towards being a useful member in the Church.
  • Ken Murray

    Thank you Frank for your wonderful Feast of Tabernacles report.
    It is so heartening to hear of our brethren's love of God and faithfulness to God our Father and Jesus Christ.
    Ruthie & i miss you all so much ...and we send our love to you as always.
    Ken & Ruth Murray

  • Ken Murray

    Good on you Wilson.
    This is a wonderful report of your love and faithfulness to God, in keeping God's Feast of Tabernacles.
    Ruthie & i miss you all very much, and send our love to you.
    Ken & Ruth Murray

  • Ken Murray

    Thank you for your encouraging report about this happy Feast of Tabernacles.
    Do we have any UCG members in Uganda?