Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

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  • kjaphet
    Mr. Shabi brings many instructive and perhaps less-often read scriptures together in an interesting way for us to examine ourselves.
  • kjaphet
    This is such an interesting combination of a very spiritual topic blended with a real-life useful skill. I am not sure I have ever heard 'caring enough to listen to others' presented in a way that reveals Christ so well. This is a very valuable message. I hope we can all put it into our toolkit for loving others.
  • kjaphet
    This sermon has a wealth of excellent points we can immediately begin to apply in our lives. It is a sincere and well-developed message about what matters most - what God expects of us to be doing.
  • kjaphet
    Excellent reminders based on so many powerful scriptures. Take heed. Thank you for this message.