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  • KenGailEvans
    I did not say members cannot catch Covid 19. I said I believe they cannot catch it at church. I have asked members all over if they knew anyone who caught it at church. No one has come forward. Members who caught it did so elsewhere. I believe God protects us while we are doing what we are commanded to do which is to not abandon the gathering of the saints. If you are sick then by all means stay home! Don't "tempt the Lord."
  • KenGailEvans
    Although the good Dr. is very well educated and most likely a very good Dr.it appears he has forgotten he is an ordained minister in God's church. He exhibits a great deal of a lack of faith by recommending members stay at home instead of going to Church. He himself admits that he does not attend because of Covid. Does he really believe God would allow members to contract the virus at church while obeying Him by abandoning the the gathering of the saints? What has become of the faith in our membership? Faith conquers fear!