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  • KimMarjorie2223

    I just want to say that on my 9 years here in UCG I would for the first time disagree on Eating-out on a restaurant. :(

  • KimMarjorie2223

    The Story of Jacob and Joseph always make me cry as a parent.

  • KimMarjorie2223
    Hi, Hello and Shalom! 4 Years ago when I was just starting to understand the word of God, I was in this congregation I have read a lot of teaching and salvation etc..... . First off, I just want to share with you all that all of the Questions you had answered before done good things to me to better understand everything. At the time I left my work which my income (about 50%) is coming from, I wasn't able to understand clearly and how to speak in English. There were a lot of things have changed ever since. Now I am a matured Christian (I can tell because God told me so) I am really thankful that God choose me to know about these things "Rapture"Man made teaching" , "Eternal suffering "Extreme Religious beliefs" and so and so. It is just misunderstand by a lot of Christians here in my Place, I know there is nothing more important than preaching the Good news and receiving the salvation through Christ. But it just makes me sad. Anyways, I will try to convince my wife first (We fought when we tackle these things but I knew I was wrong) I should have said it lightly, Praise the Father because I have another plan to study bible even more along with her to better understand the truth.