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  • KimMarjorie2223

    Wow. It's very interesting to know the History of the rise of Israel that happened during this 100 years past and the bringing of the Prophecy of given to Daniel into a possibility.

  • KimMarjorie2223

    I just want to say that on my 9 years here in UCG I would for the first time disagree on Eating-out on a restaurant. :(

  • KimMarjorie2223

    The Story of Jacob and Joseph always make me cry as a parent.

  • KimMarjorie2223
    Hi, Hello and Shalom! 4 Years ago when I was just starting to understand the word of God, I was in this congregation I have read a lot of teaching and salvation etc..... . First off, I just want to share with you all that all of the Questions you had answered before done good things to me to better understand everything. At the time I left my work which my income (about 50%) is coming from, I wasn't able to understand clearly and how to speak in English. There were a lot of things have changed ever since. Now I am a matured Christian (I can tell because God told me so) I am really thankful that God choose me to know about these things "Rapture"Man made teaching" , "Eternal suffering "Extreme Religious beliefs" and so and so. It is just misunderstand by a lot of Christians here in my Place, I know there is nothing more important than preaching the Good news and receiving the salvation through Christ. But it just makes me sad. Anyways, I will try to convince my wife first (We fought when we tackle these things but I knew I was wrong) I should have said it lightly, Praise the Father because I have another plan to study bible even more along with her to better understand the truth.