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  • Korinne Wood
    I'm so glad I came across these interviews! Just recently I made my arrangements and got all the paper work together, now it's time to have the talk what part my two sons will play when the end of my life comes! I learned even more watching these interviews! Thank you for taking the time to do this! I will share these with others because it is so important!
  • Korinne Wood

    Perfect timing Janet!
    I have a picture of my 2 granddaughters, my son, and I at the Home Office that I see every time I log onto my computer. The miracle was that my family was finally able to be together, (the first time my youngest granddaughter got to see her father in person and she was 7 years old)! But it was even MORE of a miracle because we got to spend time together on the Sabbath day!! I no longer get to see them (again), so I can get discouraged when I'm at Church and they aren't with me anymore. I'm definitely praying for another miracle! In the meantime...the picture does make me smile and I cant help but remember how God planned that time perfectly!! There is no denying He intervened in our difficult family situation!