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  • Len Martin
    Karen, Your point is well taken. We might not often consider the extra burdens and responsibilities placed upon young widows who may still have children to raise and many other duties. Thank you for making this point!
  • Len Martin
    HI Lisa, Thanks for your kind remarks. As you noted, the message was not intended to judge the world at large, but rather to admonish true follower's of Jesus Christ to pursue righteousness, because just "being good" is not good enough to be rewarded with eternal life.
  • Len Martin
    Our audio team has re-uploaded the full sermon. Sorry for the difficulties.
  • Len Martin
    I had our audio people review the recording and it should be fixed at this time.
  • Len Martin
    Daniel, you;re welcome. I'm pleased that you found it helpful.
  • Len Martin
    Thank you for your kind remarks. We, of our own selves, can do nothing. It requires God opening up the mind to understand. If someone IS being called by God and they come to you with questions, you need to be able to speak the truths of the bible in a loving manner. That was the point I was making. If they ARE being called, then the words of truth, spoken in love, WILL make sense to them.