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    We do not worship the artifacts. We hold them as representations that remind us of the souls that are in Paradise. It's similar to keeping a photo of some of your relatives, who have passed away, in your wallet and looking at it when you miss them.
  • Lucian Hodoboc
    I don't know whether the Catholic and the Orthodox theology is correct or not, but I have experienced the intercession of Saint Mary, The Theotokos, myself. It happened multiple times and it was an undeniable supernatural experience. My guess is that some people who have lived very holy lives get to have the privilege of hearing our prayers and of interceding for us in Paradise.
  • Lucian Hodoboc

    According to Wikipedia, there have been hundreds of people throughout history claiming that they are Jesus or The Messiah or the reincarnation of The Messiah. The most notable one is Mirza Ghulam Ahmadm, who started a pretty popular sect within Islam called Ahmadiyya, which has about 15 million followers.