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  • Lizbeth2017

    Glenn, have you done anything that makes you feel like you could never be forgiven? If not, please see a doctor. And I mean mental health doctor there's nothing wrong with going to see one. This article mentions that there is a fake Christianity that is more concerned with how Jesus sacrifice for our sins instead of his return to earth. That is really what's happening. You're obviously a good person and very concerned of doing the right thing. God is a God good. Stop listening to people to make crazy. You may want to see a doctor I would suggest it . Don't let anybody make you feel guilty about going to see one may be a chemical imbalance .

  • Lizbeth2017

    I don't understand how you can say the pope, I haven't seen him do anything or say anything even close to what Donald Trump is saying. I think the spirit of the anti-Christ is in Trump and also on Fox news . They're the ones that have everyone fooled. And if you really read this article and try to understand what he says you will see the truth.

  • Lizbeth2017
    Pope Francis does not oppose anyone's believes in God. And everything he says is for the good of people. To me Somebody like Donald Trump It's more likely, and when they talk about false Christianity I think they're talking about FOXNews. And I pray to God and Jesus right now that everyone who is blind that they see the light.