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    Hi Jerry, This is a great question, and one we should all ask ourselves. I believe some hints or pointers were indicated in Darris' message. Let me try to be specific. In prayer, I try to personally ask God, "Show me what you want me to do," "Show me what I am doing that displeases You." Ultimately God will have His way regardless of what our decisions are, but He does want us to have humble hearts of obedience. Studying His Word while praying to Him at the same time ("Father, how does this apply to me? ") helps. Sometimes inserting our name to the verses we read can make them so much more applicable. I think a main area we "get in the way" is by trying to resist God's will. He makes His will apparent to us through His Word in many ways - as we read it, as it is expounded on by His true servants, as God's Spirit leads us to do things that are right. Do we resist correction from its various sources? We all need to have the attitude of the prophet Jeremiah in admitting our weaknesses and asking God to show us where we fall short (Jeremiah 10:23-24).