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  • Mav
    Considering 'corrupt philanthropists' (I learned something I didn't know before!) – could these be those who run 'charities' to make themselves rich. I can think of a few of those...
  • Mav
    Decades ago this scripture was explained as referring to the great tribulation of the time of the end – a time of trial. Without overcoming temptation, as explained here, we make ourselves candidates for that great temptation, which will certainly test our limits 'even to death'.
  • Mav

    Excellent summation of events for the past two years. We must all watch.

  • Mav
    A 'big bang' is not the only way to expand the universe. God's Word says that he 'stretches out' or 'spreads' the heavens; He says this several times.
  • Mav
    Three more scriptures! Deut. 4:2, 12:32 and Prov. 30:6
  • Mav
    John 17:21 clearly explains the 'Oneness of God' in the New Testament and does not include the Holy Spirit as part of that union. The Holy Spirit is well explained in many scriptures, both as God's power (as used in creation, for example) and for guiding His people 'into all understanding'.