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    This message is for the entire Beyond Today ministry; I really enjoyed watching the clip with Jelly's questions during his camping trip. What a wonderful way to begin a conversation about God or simply keep God relevant in a young child's mind. Absolutely a job well done. I hope Beyond Today plans on creating more great clips for the youth like that one. Thank you for your hard work and sharing it with us all. I really appreciate what you do and I'm so thankful that once upon a time, God directed me to your website with all of the fabulous resources you provide. Once again, thank you. Keep up the great work. In Jesus' Almighty name, I pray that God blesses your ministry for many many years to come. You've become a beaken of light in a world full of questions pertaining to God and His Kingdom. Because of the work you've done and continue to do, I've been able to grow wiser where it matters most. Because of your ministry, I've been able to get support where there hasn't been one continuous mentor, (besides God Himself), in my life. I imagine God has smiled down upon your accomplishments feeling proud of it all. Sincerely, Meredyth Derochick of CT