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  • totemynote
    I have often had the same question in my mind. Many have as well. I don’t know how common this is but people have themselves buried facing eastward so when the rise they will be faced with Jesus. Jerusalem is eastward for the majority of worldwide Christians. I wish my body to be cremated and scattered with no marker, like a tombstone, at all. Nothing to show I was ever even here. I wavered on that sometimes but the Bible tells me everyone who’s ever lived will be resurrected.
  • totemynote

    I too am trying to quit. What about Vaping? I want to be a part of the coming Kingdom but right now, today, I am choosing to smoke. If I may ask of you, Kathleen, did you quit?

  • totemynote

    Thank you for this article. I just wanted to say I have studied the Bible for several years, the last 10 or so after finding a church (WWCG which eventually led me to UCG) who interprets some parts of the Bible as I do. I had never heard of the sign of Jonah until three days ago even though I know I've read Matthew.

    I just googled "ucg sign jonah" on my phone and this article came up. I feel so blessed today to learn about it all here. Again, thanks