Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

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  • Michael7771
    you might be referring to the statement Mr McNeeley made..But, it’s interesting in a study of history, there was, a number of years ago, a book written called The Origin and the Goal of History by a historian named Karl Jaspers.
  • Michael7771

    This was such a well articulated and perfectly illustrated article. My heart goes out to Sergeant Marshall Powell. I can feel his pain. The article’s relevance is playing out on a daily basis In light of the many stories of men’s predatory treatment of women; stories of child abuse; DUI injuries and deaths, etc. Who can escape the finger that points out our accountability for moral injury to our selves and the impact on the lives of others?
    I grew up in the era of the Vietnam War. In my circle of friends, those that were there did not come back unscathed. We human beings all need to set time aside for soul searching.
    Thank God that He makes access to restoration and peace available.
    Thanks and please revisit this topic again.