Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

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    Great message! Now how do we deal with it when it happens within our families? Some have been taught this way all their lives and then still go this route. Satan is very good at what he does, he can deceive people without them even actually knowing it's happening. Sad thing is this new generation Satan is really attacking and unfortunately everywhere I look I see it actually effected the people I love and am close to. I know they have been taught God's ways and what their true identity is but Satan got through the cracked door and let himself in fully taken over their minds completely it seems. This generation wants to fit in and Satan knows that and snatches them up. But how do we deal with this in our lives personally that have been somewhat effected by this evil thinking? We can't make others or our kids believe what we believe, even if they were taught this from birth, our children are set apart but still have freewill and make some pretty stupid and very ungodly choices that are an abomination to God. I know God has a plan for all, and He does not want anyone to perish but it is very hard to watch this happening to people in your family or very close friends. How do we cope?