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    Hi AC, So glad to hear from you and glad the article has helped to the degree it has.
    First, there is no "out-sinning God's grace" for someone who wants to be forgiven. The only way a person can nullify God's grace is by consciously denying that they *need* God's grace. In other words, they have to decide "I'm going to sin and it doesn't matter," and quit asking for forgiveness and repenting. And by doing so they communicate to God that they don't need Jesus' sacrifice.
    But that doesn't sound like you. You express remorse & regret and try to change, and God's grace is there for you.
    Second, I'm not sure why you say you have to live a life of isolation, but can you not build a relationship with somebody who you could call a friend without revealing every detail about your life? Even good friends don't know everything about each other, and respect that about each other, while still caring about each other and helping each other out. Since I don't know the specifics, I'm not sure how helpful that is, but no man or woman can go very long without someone to confide in. Even just 1 person they can confide in makes a world of difference.
    I'll pray for God's merciful love in your life.

  • Mitchell Moss

    Hi Vicki.
    So yeah, I chose not to focus on the history of racism and bigotry because, well, it's not hard to find those types of pieces; that, and my aim was to look at this from a "what must we do?" Christian perspective.
    Black people being shot by white officers is a problem! Statistically, it's not *the* biggest problem, but it's a problem, and every. single. one. is a tragedy. It shines a light on the different experience that black folks have of America compared to the one their white neighbors have. Black people I've talked to fear the routine traffic stop or feel ill at ease while minding their business out at night in a way I would never think to worry about.
    So you want me to spend time casting blame for the state of the family and the streets. Well, there's a word limit and again, not my goal here. There are lots of smart, hardworking people working to do what they can to expose racial bias where it exists and defeat it (many are Christians).
    But as individual Christians who read this mag, and who by and large aren't activists, my goal is to challenge them to *not* give into the division extant in America, but reach out and be an example when they see an opportunity.