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    Vince, Thanks for taking the time to listen to this message. I appreciate you taking the time to post a comment and continue the discussion! In this message, it was my desire to convey the point that seeking unity with one another without FIRST seeking unity with God can be a fruitless endeavor. I did not mean to say that we should avoid seeking unity with others until AFTER we believe we are fully united with God, just that our hearts must be properly aligned with God first if we desire to have unity as the outcome. In general, we have a greater desire for unity when we believe that it is absent. James 3:13-18 speaks to why unity may be lacking. James also records what we must do in order to attain unity in verse 17, seek "the wisdom that is from above." Unity with and love for our fellow man is vital. This is one of the hallmarks by which Christ said His followers would be known (John 13:35). Sadly, this way of thinking and treating one another is not in our nature and it takes continual work to maintain a spirit of peace and unity (Ephesians 4:1-3). If we want unity with one another, we must first seek unity [of heart and mind] with our Father lest our efforts be in vain.