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    This is not a pleasant subject for me. I was going to leave for FOT in Tucson, Az once.
    My father had gone into a coma earlier that morning and since no-one will know when a person will die, I told my mother I had to leave for my plane flight. I went home to get my belonging and catch my flight. My hand was on the door knob when the call came he died.
    I then called my pastor and asked him what should I do. He told me to stay home comfort my mother and family and bury my father and if I wanted to then drive to the local feast site.

    Now if I had stayed home I would have missed out on all the messages at the Feast. But it is not easy to try to celebrate the meaning of the FOT when one of your loved ones just died.
    So it it possible that the man in the scripture could of buried his father but the loss and sorrow might have overwhelmed kept him from continuing to go and follow Christ.

    So I went to the local Feast site and stayed with some friends but I was very sad because I just lost my father.