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  • Pamela Joan Bartholomew

    Your post date is a week ahead of the calendar date: today is September 7, 2022. I think you should make "The Handwriting is on the wall" by Darris McNeely into a booklet. I thought it was more compelling than the booklet offered: "The Last World Kingdom."

  • Pamela Joan Bartholomew
    I was referring to the booklet offered on this broadcast title above called "The Final Superpower." I must have missed it because I see the booklet has been around since 2013. I don't know what year it was offered on the Beyond Today TV. I'll look up when "The Handwriting on the Wall" was broadcast. This program or article was "Real Time" for me now August 2022. Pamela J. Bartholomew
  • Pamela Joan Bartholomew
    Why hasn't this booklet been sent to church members? Why am I just finding out about this new booklet? Usually in the past, new booklets were sent automatically to members. It should have been distributed a year ago. Not everyone has access to Beyond Today programs regularly. I don't like the way the app on the internet is organized of Beyond Today programs and I have not seen this prophecy title on it the last time I checked. I am excited that UCG is making a new grand slam of advertising on Sunday papers, but do young people read newspapers? They read their I Phones!!!!!! Thanks for all you do but isn't it time for the World to finally understand what is going on and how will they know unless someone gets their attention in a more dramatic and ongoing way. It is time for us to come out of the periphery and into mainstream attention. That is my opinion. The article I am responding to has helped me realize what I should do and what we should do. Persecution is coming our way regardless. We shouldn't be afraid to make ourselves more visible than we have Worldwide. The money will come if we do because people love prophecy. Pamela Joan Bartholomew (Dunipace) Thanks
  • Pamela Joan Bartholomew
    Thank you Darris McNeely, I thought your real time statement on the current federal vote and prayer for leaders and doing everything we can to keep our freedom of religion and speech was very insightful; therefore I would like to tell you that I just voted federally for several issues: against abortion with some exception, for religious freedom and freedom of speech, for the right to protect ourselves and others, for helping all able bodied adults to be able to obtain work in order to take care of themselves and those they serve. I was able to vote these issues by voting for the current Republican Party nominees. Their Platform most closely matches at this time what I believe. I voted for most all Republicans on the ballot as they all become part of my local, state and federal government and have power to bring about the fulfillment of those issues important to me, to God, and to my family and country. Prayer is powerful, but God expects us to put our prayers and beliefs into action on behalf of Him and others. We have the right to vote, we have the responsibility to vote when it is important and needful. I am sorry to say that this election was my first federal vote.
  • Pamela Joan Bartholomew
    Hello, Will the Feast webcast services be recorded for later viewing during the Feast? Yours, Pamela
  • Pamela Joan Bartholomew

    Dr. Ward, Thanks for your meditation on living the Holy Days each day of our lives. Very insightful.