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  • Pattyorange
    Hi I have been a Christian for over 20 years and 11 years of that we're in a Pentecostal church which encouraged lots of things I see in your teacheing that are not of God. I left because as I was growing in my faith things just didn't sit right with me. Then 6 years in an Apostolic church which circumstances changed and I moved away but could not find a church that I felt the truth was being taught, so I started looking for myself. For the past 6 years or more I have not been part of a church but have continued seeking God and trying to live a Godly life. I have Christian friends who are in the same situation in different parts of our county, the U.K. The question of 'laying on of hands, is the question I have about my baptism. It was done by two of the elders of the Pentecostal church but I can't remember what they said, it was something like 'by the confession of your faith before the congregation I baptise you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit'. Is that being laying on of hands and being baptised in the Holy Spirit. The church was all about speaking in tongues and just believing was called faith, which I know now that is not true thanks to your teaching. Thank you