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Paul Moody

Pastor, United Church of God





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Paul serves as Pastor for the United Church of God congregations in Spokane, Kennewick and Kettle Falls, Washington, and Lewiston, Idaho.    

Paul grew up in the Church of God from a young age. He attended Ambassador College in Big Sandy, Texas from 1991-93. He and his wife, Darla, were married in 1994 and have two children, all residing in Spokane. 

After college, Paul started a landscape maintenance business, which he and Darla ran for 22 years. He served as the Assistant Pastor of his current congregations for six years before becoming the Pastor in January of 2018. 

Paul’s hobbies include backpacking, camping and social events with his family and friends. He assists Darla in her business of raising and training Icelandic horses at their ranch. Mowing the field on his tractor is a favorite pastime.   

Paul also serves as Senior Pastor for the English-speaking congregations in West Africa, making 3-4 trips a year to visit brethren in Nigeria and Ghana.