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  • Servant Peter
    To me, the birthday of Jesus Christ has as much spiritual significance to me as it does for Him. Our heavenly Father brought our Lord Jesus Christ to earth for specific reason. It may be my opinion, but there is no better time then when Jesus did his work at the cross and was resurrected 3 days later. If you all want the truth, if we were to be straight in line with what he wishes us to do in remembrance, then surely I say to you that it would be from Good Friday to what is call the Easter Sunday. As far as I know the entire biblical Apocrypha with all of its prophecies contains no information to give a specific day of the Messiahs birth. Even the star changing course of direction makes it impossible for astrological computing. God is outside of time and so I truly believe that He hass made it intentionally so that no one will ever know.
  • Servant Peter
    I have studied this topic for decades. I find it be needless to refer my credentials for a answer all should find sufficient. Christmas is a day of recognition that man has chosen .Specifics of Rome's Constantine's declaration for the day he chose do not matter. It is a day of recognition that Christ never requested. He DID however specify a time in remembrance of him at the last supper pointing to what would be His finished work at the cross and resurrection.This is the time the world SHOULD celebrate as was His wish. Blessed be the name of The Lord.