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  • Jnon Whitlark
    I missed this message a year ago, but am so glad to have heard it now. It is just what I needed to consider at this time. Thank you for preparing it!
  • Jnon Whitlark

    Johnny, I appreciate your difficult position--you are not alone in this struggle! Please let me encourage you to keep heading in the direction you know is right. God has given you a gift to understand that the Sabbath was indeed made for humankind, and that He gave only certain types of creatures for our food. It's not silly, and as much as it may hurt you to hear that from those you love, I hope you will take comfort that they will eventually understand it, too.
    As you take your conviction seriously over the coming months and years, they will have an opportunity to see God's work in your life. If you give up now, they will never get to see that example of lasting influence--it will always be "that silly religious phase" that you went through. You will also miss out on the priceless opportunity to grow in the character which God wants you to have in order to do the work He will have for you to do--not just in this life. He has a rewarding, fulfilling job waiting for you, if you are willing to accept that the necessary training will push you out of your comfort zone--by design!
    If you haven't already done so, when things are tough, lay it all out there to God but specifically ask for encouragement. I'm always amazed at the many ways that He has delivered encouragement, to me and others. I am finally learning not to limit Him by my own limited imagination and expectations, since He exceeds them every time I'm patient enough to wait upon Him.
    If you (or anyone else) have further questions or would like ideas for practical, everyday scenarios of conflict, let me know here or privately and I'll do my best to answer, either here or in a related post. Thank you for reaching out. I will be praying for you and your family.