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  • RandyMartens77
    Interesting how many secular psychologists and academics are coming to the conclusion this excellent message addresses, based on an ever-increasing amount of research data, that fatherlessness is becoming THE single biggest predictor of numerous social pathologies the world is becoming crippled by. Whether it be juvenile crime, narcotic addiction, teen pregnancies, the skyrocketing rates of depression and suicide in our youths, along with many other issues - fathernessness lays at the very foundation of all these growing problems. And if it's not seriously acknowledged and dealt with soon, the day will eventually come where it will be too late to deal with, and civilization as we know it will totally collapse. And that time may be closer than most realize.
  • RandyMartens77
    What an absolutely superb presentation that wisely addresses the real heart of the matter, the underlying issues involved in the current situation playing out on city streets all over America. Very thoughtful and well done.
  • RandyMartens77
    Quite honestly, this is probably the best explanation - simply stated and yet fairly comprehensive - that I have ever heard regarding this subject. And it's extremely relevant to today's highly contentious political climate. Excellent presentation!