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    God's thoughts of me.

    I remember when I first started to read the Bible, it seemed like a lot of unfair things were happening to God's followers. As I continued to read over a period of time, I came to realize that trials as a good corrective thing. I am reminded of Jacob saying to Pharaoh, "all the days of my life have been few and evil."


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    I just read "A Way of Escape," and "Get Out..Your Life May Depend On It." One thinks that his problems are all consuming and one reads a story of faith and courage--of action, and realizes that God can do anything. And as the Proverbs says, He truly hears the cries of the fatherless, widow and strangers. I do not know you but I your faith coupled with doing is very inspiring and rewarding to see how God keeps His promises.
    Thank you.

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    Man, that was serious. Your mother was very courageous. And so are you. Blessed is our God the Father, and His Son.