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  • RoLashua

    Where can I download the Festival Brochure for this year? I am handicapped and need to make an early registration.

  • RoLashua
    Mr Petty, thank you for this sermon on the resurrections. I have always found the resurrections to be so encouraging - and proof that God is a merciful God - not willing that any should perish. I do have a question though. You said the doctrine of the Immortal Soul is not in the Old Testament. However, I thought Satan was preaching that to Eve when he was offering her the fruit. He said, You will not surely die. He was, of course, lying to her but he was giving her his doctrine of the immortal soul that God would not kill them. I know it was not God's doctrine but it sounds like Satan started the immortal soul lie in the Garden of Eden. Am I off base in this? :)
  • RoLashua
    Letting Go and Letting God..... is a cute phrase but soooo hard to do. It takes us stopping and thinking about our life, our actions, and as we stop - listen and look for the direction of the Holy Spirit. Reading the book of Acts and seeing the faith of first century church and how they were led by the Holy Spirit is very inspiring. Thank you for a very inspiring Sermon Mr Orosz!
  • RoLashua
    God is so good to us but it is hard to FEEL that during difficult times. It is then that our Faith tells us - he is still with us and he is walking us through this. God is good! That is a truth to know and say at all times. He truly is our awesome God. Sometimes that IS a sacrifice of praise.