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  • Robert Wengeler
    One of the two witnesses battles Satan personally if he did not why would Satan be opposed to him.It takes the direct intervention of a Angel and the servants of God to help this man.If you walk in my ways,when he's baptized into the body of Christ.Dressed in filthy clothes...put a white robe upon him.Buried in the death of Christ.. raised in His New man.But before that this man is separated from his brothers like Joseph,Outside the Body of Christ..that's. why the servants of God have to come and set the Devil free...I(Joshua) is not a victim,just a servant in the plan of GOD, JOB
  • Robert Wengeler

    Satan stands at Joshua's right to oppose him.Why?Joshua has God's Holy Spirit thus he's able to resist the devil,but the devil does not flee.Why?He can' Joshua stuck with him until it is GOD'S TIME.If the Devil's been cast down in the 1980s what has he been doing...stuck with Joshua.Why is Satan let out for a season durring the millennial rule of Christ.Becauase he was not free to do whatever he wanted when. he was cast out heaven.Only through the recognition and baptism of this man into the body of Christ will Satan be free from "Joshua's" side.Any comments on this?