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    Gary, Thanks for sharing the challenge you are experiencing with your beloved friend with the paws and the meow. So glad the sermon might help. My wife and I are right there with you as we have treasured our pets down through the years. They are family and for those single or elderly are extra-special. Understood! Your loving care for such a little one (i.m.o.) is duly noted by Him. Reading your note would make me want to live in your world and that's one reason why God grants us dominion over creation to observe our care for those placed in our charge--for one day we are going to judge angels and be granted rule over people under Christ. And the training starts now with those placed under our wings of trustful care. Gary, just know that the sadness now is but a part of the happiness experienced in days gone by. And that's the deal we make when we choose to love, really love, and yes, hurt will be ours, but will fade in time with kind memories of what's been. Will you see your loved one again? Let's first make it to the trumpet call ourselves and as our Jewish friends would say, "Leave some things to God."