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  • Callme Mac
    This is off topic, but i want to say I love the UCG and the LCG and have read everything you have put out as well as the writings of the WWCG and Mr. Armstrong's books. I love you because you were able to put aside preconceived notions and believe what the Bible plainly says, disregarding mainstream teachings, un afraid to go against the grain and just believe God over men, without twisting scripture to fit preconceived ideas. Having said that, I wish you would reconsider your stance on the age of the universe. It seems to me that you've fallen for bad science and are twisting God's word to fit unproven ideas of men . The Bible and evolution simply dont fit together, and that includes the idea of everything being billions of years old. God created everything in 6 literal days, about 6000 years ago. Fossils are the result of animals caught in the flood and don't prove millions of years at all. Please look into young earth arguments and stop falling for bad science. The Sabbath commandment itself explains that God made the earth inhabitable in 6 days , there is no gap between the first and second verses of genesis.