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Ron Woodbridge served as an elder in the Wichita, Kansas, congregation of the United Church of God.

Ron graduated from Wellington High School in 1955, where he was senior class president and captain of the basketball team.  He went on to attend Wichita University, where he was awarded the prestigious Gore Scholarship.  He received a degree in speech therapy from the university’s Institute of Logopedics in 1958. 

Ron married his high school sweetheart, Loretta Haines, December 19, 1955, and together they had six children.  They moved to eastern Kansas in 1959, managing the Double L Ranch.  In 1967 the family moved back to Wellington, and Ron became property manager for Stewart Farms in addition to having his own farming operation and a small herd of cattle.  He retired in 2004.

Ron and Loretta were both baptized in 1971.  Ron was later ordained a deacon and was ordained an elder on September 16, 1993.  Ron served the brethren in many ways, working with the youth group and coaching the basketball team (many a teen called him “Dad”), helping the elderly or widowed members with their needs, directing the local choir, leading hymns, performing special music, and giving many powerful messages.