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  • Ruth_Serrano
    I have learned much from listening to BTD and UCG not to forget the Tomorrow’s World folks. I’m wondering if the study booklets are available on Audio discs for those who are blind or have any visual or even learning disability? If not I pray this will become available in the very near future because there are thousands of people who are missing out on understanding God’s purpose, how His power & Spirit works in us + so much more! Thank you , may you all continue to bring God’s light to our paths + be blessed with new opportunities to seek out those called and His elected.
  • Ruth_Serrano
    Today I finally understand what Christ meant when He states that if you have seen me, you have seen the Father for we are as One. I appreciate everyone at UCG & Beyond today for the spiritual nurturing they provide through God’s scriptures. I was floored! at first skeptical with what Mr Myers was saying & I couldn’t finish the video. My best friend Billy through scriptures in his bible & the scriptures given here by folks, helped me to see that beautiful light I’d not seen before! God of all that is be praised forevermore.