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  • merriemoles
    John, I don't think it talks of a union of church and state in the usual sense. I believe it's trying to indicate very specifically who this power will be: the Roman Catholic church, which is literally both church and state due to the status of Vatican City. There's absolutely no equivalent to that anywhere on Earth.
  • merriemoles
    James, I don't think that the EU will necessarily be a factor at all. I believe it will be almost solely down to Rome. Due to Vatican City, the Roman Catholic 'church' is both church and state on its own. Rome sits on seven hills. It has one man who speaks for it - the Pope. It blasphemes by calling the Pope God/Jesus in flesh and claiming it has the power to forgive sins. It persecuted Christians in the form of the Inquisition. It has changed the calendar and changed law (altering the Ten Commandments). It was stripped of political authority and shunned for years - the deadly wound - but has recovered. It meets ALL the criteria for the beast.