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  • SandiW
    Another very informative study in the minor prophets...thank you so much! I have always wondered about verse 4:2... I understand it is talking about Jesus, but why is it the Sun of Righteousness instead of Son? Thank you again for this study, and for all of the studies you offer.
  • SandiW
    Thank you Mr. McNeely for another wonderful study. There are so many parallels in our world today. Looking forward to the next study. Thanks Again - Sandi
  • SandiW
    What a great message! Thank you!
  • SandiW
    What a great Psalm for Thanksgiving! Thank you!
  • SandiW
    Thank you Pastor Myers! What a great study! There is so much in this little book... I made a lot of notes in the margins! I can't wait for the next study!
  • SandiW
    What a wonderful study! Thank you so much Mr. McNeely!