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    Thank you, Ms. Wallauch, for reaching out. As mentioned in the message, if we do our part, God will always do His--and our part is to keep our priorities straight. This is, of course, one of our greatest challenges. Take care, and thank you, again, Scott
  • scott.janes@att.net
    Hi, Ms. Henry, Thank you very much for reaching out--and I agree with your thoughts concerning the message topic. As it turns out, the sermonette presented prior to "Discouragement" was very much a "keep on keeping on" message of encouragement. Then, the following week, the sermonette subject also focused on discouragement. The presenter of the following week's sermonette had been ill the previous Sabbath and was not aware of the messages that had been given. We live in discouraging times--but, clearly, we are not left alone. Thank you, again, for reaching out, and take care. Scott
  • scott.janes@att.net
    Hi, Ms. Henry, Thank you very much for your feedback. God answers our prayers. And, in the case of my speaking, time and again He has stood with me and smoothed out rough spots and inconsistencies in ways that I would have never imagined. If a message works, it is because of Him. Thank you, again, for your feedback--and I hope you have a good week. Scott ough spots