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    Hello Pat, To answer your question we need to have some Biblical parameters. We need to know when John the Baptizer's father served in the Temple. Then we need to believe that John was conceived at the exact time his father was told. Both of those, which are Biblically determinable, approximate Jesus conception pretty close. If you want to have all this laid out for you, we have done it in a couple of booklets. BUT, if you just want someone to tell you the exact answer to your question, sorry for now. If it really matters, you can ask God, 'down the road.'
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    Hello Kenneth, Please understand that I am NOT being "cute" or curt. But if you simply ask that question at you will find several more than adequate responses with background material showing the Bible answer. All say the same thing.
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    Thank you Brian, There are a couple of things in these verses that at first, might be overlooked. Please look at Rev 7: 9 -- 14 (Any version is okay) : "After" what things, in verse 9 does this occur? (after 144,000 are chosen to be protected.) This seems to indicate not all will be protected. Then you seem to imply that all these people are taken out of, or, away from, the Great Tribulation. But could they not be taken THROUGH it? Scripture abounds with admonition to "count it all joy" when you suffer for a proper reason. Many have suffered and died for Jesus, over the years since He was first here. They were sustained by Him but they went through heavy suffering. At this horrific end time, it seems quite probable that some will suffer for Him again. This does not mean that some physical humans will not have their physical lives spared but to me anyway, the Rapture theory always seemed just a little too simple. I realize that it was Jesus who shed His blood for us but the Apostle Paul set us a pretty good example of how we might just be asked to also suffer for Him. So, some will be protected (not raptured) and some will die for our Savior.
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    Thanks for your question Frederick! Rev 12: 6 (NKJV) says "Then the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there one thousand two hundred and sixty days." To me this 'place' seems pretty definite (and trustworthy !) But alas, the location of that very definite place is not explicitly revealed. Yet. Let's encourage each other to be accounted worthy to be protected (when & as needed.)
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    Hello Melinda, It looks to me like you were caught somewhat unprepared. I imagine you probably would not do the same thing again. If you have not done so already you could take the time to tell your son what bothered you about going to a "fun park" on God's Sabbath. That way, the sadness you felt might be somewhat taken away by the lesson that you both are learning. Hope your son appreciates your love and concern for him.

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    Hello Arrey, Romans 16 would be what you are looking for. If more is needed, ask again.

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    Hello Larry, I hope that my reply is not too simple but here goes: Jesus is Lord in heaven and on earth. ( Acts 17: 24 ) . Jesus is God (the Son) and there is a God (the Father.) There are 2 God Beings. (There is not just one; there are not three.) Jesus (God) is both just and merciful. He (Jesus) allowed everyone He chose to escape from Sodom & Gomorrah and He executed, fairly, those that He knew would be better, dead, at that particular time. I am so happy & privileged to know God's Plan that is revealed in God's Holy Days. Perhaps you would like to have a booklet that explains better than me?
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    Hello (again) evins5,
    (Since I used up all my characters, I have to write an additional note that was inspired by my personal Bible Study this morning.) I will keep it short: Read Hebrews 10: 32 to 38 in the NLT.

  • Skip Miller

    Hello evins5,
    A number of years ago I wrestled with this same problem. You ask, "Where is the balance?"
    Great question! That indicates you see a need to do something other than what 90% of others are doing and thinking at this time of year. If you read the article by Mr. Szymkowiak you know that Xmas is pagan but also that God wants us all to celebrate God's Holy Days.
    After you begin to do that you realize that God is a God of giving ! not taking away. So my wife and I , when we went home over that break time made a special effort to show those who were in our former homes that we loved them and still cared for them. And then, we had to explain what we had learned, AFTER, they asked. The amazing thing is that neither family really cared very much about the religious aspect. The only ones who saw false religion in Xmas were my wife and I. We had begun to read God's Word. We were becoming Convicted by it. A lot of water has passed under the bridge, since then. Our non converted families came to accept what they considered OUR strange behavior. But I agree, it was really hard at first. So: Be with them and love them but stick with the Truth you have been learning.

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    Hello Harwood, If you own the business, then you can make the decision to begin to Work your way back to where God is located. Do you know where God is located? The promises that God made in both the old and new testaments seem to indicate that if you will make THE effort required to really follow God's instructions, God will MAKE it work. The real problem is, do you really know God well enough to absolutely Trust God? Big question.
    There are people who will help you understand if you can trust (any person.) Can you?

  • Skip Miller
    Hello Karen, I've not listened to Jay's message yet but I do agree with you, "Tenses are like past, present , and future." How did you like the Content of his message? Skip Miller (retired English teacher)
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    Hello Rejoice!
    I like that name! Lena has given you the correct answr but I want to add a scripture that seems appropriate here. (Just this one verse!)
    Isaiah 43:25
    25 “I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.
    God forgives because He is bigger and better than all of us put together!
    Not because we deserve it; not because we are going to try to be better. (Be better but that is not why God forgives.) God forgives because the Father knows anguish and the Son knows suffering! Try to read how these both came about . Read God's word and meditate.

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    Hello Francisco,
    We all will reflect differently , as we age!
    Kathy admitted that she saw things differently as an older daughter
    and I certainly evaluate my parents differently now that they are dead.
    But God' takes all that into account when He commands us to respect our parents.
    We need to allow any harshness or even downright bad behavior by our parents to teach us how we should NOT behave as parents or even just as people! I think of the scripture that says in essence: we will be judged, As we judge others! I want/need mercy! Unfortunately, from what psychology teaches us, we humans tend to repeat the mistakes that were laid on us.
    So in closing Francisco, be aware and ask our Father in heaven to make you a better parent.

  • Skip Miller

    Hello Jonie, Lena has given you the correct answer. but I would simply add:
    the unpardonable sin is the one that you can repent of but simply refuse to do it.

  • Skip Miller

    Hello Agbo Solomon, Do not give up. You are not dead yet. That means that God wants you alive. You know God can cure you of anything. If God does not, it means that God will give you help to live another day. The Apostle Paul was in bad enough shape more than once so that he would welcome death but God had more for him to do. While you are alive, you have more to do!! You have a wife. Love her; help her; help others until you cannot do it anymore. When God allows you to go to sleep He will. Till then, no matter how bad you think you are (or how bad your life is), if you do not give up or absolutely forget that God loves you there is hope. Do not quit!