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    Hello Ray, I want to copy two paragraphs that I think are important.
    "Passover began at sundown and ended the following day at sundown, when this annual Sabbath began. Jesus kept the Passover with His disciples, then was arrested later that night. After daybreak the next morning He was questioned before Pontius Pilate, crucified, then hurriedly entombed just before the next sunset when the “high day,” the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, began.

    It should be noted that the Jews often generically referred to the whole Feast of Unleavened Bread as “Passover,” explaining why the day of Christ’s trials and crucifixion is even called “the Preparation Day of the Passover” (John 19:14)—that is, of the first Holy Day or annual Sabbath of the Passover week."
    Jesus, "our passover" knew exactly when the One correct day and time should be kept.
    We sometimes confuse things. But in either English or Greek, Jesus knew when to keep it!
    There was and there is, only one correct Passover time.

  • Skip Miller
    Hello Frank, If Jesus said it is true. it is true. But when did He see Satan fall? There can be a couple of answers to this question. I want to give you a short one. Let's go to Isa 14 verses 12 to 15 first. Isaiah has been talking about the king of Babylon but all of a sudden he addresses a being, far above (once) the earth! and even calls him by name and defines what happened to him, AND WHY, in verses 13 and 14 ! WOW ! Now let's go to Ezek 28. The chapter starts by talking about the prince (human) of Tyre but switches to the King of Tyre in verse 12. These are obviously not the same person. Why? By reading verses 12 (again completely) thru 15 we see a being much more than human ! This being messed up and verses 16, 17, and 18 tell exactly How ! By putting Ezek 28 with Isa 14 we get a pretty good overview of how Lucifer, a resplendent arch angel became Satan The arch demon, THE devil. Jesus, before His human birth, watched that drama take place. Jesus, our Lord, Saviour, and soon coming King has ALWAYS been with God. And, not to get into more than I can handle now, Jesus is one of only 2 God Beings !
  • Skip Miller
    Hello Chance, GOOD, sincere question! Our UCG booklets, What Happens After Death? and What Is Your Destiny? go into great detail. Perhaps you have read them. But let me see if I can help you, here and now. with a short summary: If you want the GIFT of Eternal Life you must accept Jesus as your Lord, King, and Savior. You have probably heard this before. But what does it really mean? In 1 Tim 2: 4 Paul writes that Jesus (He is the 'who') wants all (people) to be saved ! BUT the remainder of that verse says, "and to come to the knowledge of the truth." Most people, here and now, don't even acknowledge that there is A Truth. People pretty much just think that they know truth from fiction. Most do not . Some have been called and chosen Now but Most have not. They Will be given their first and ONLY chance (I like your name) after the 1000 year millennium. That will be their time. You have heard that there are 2 resurrections. That is the Bible truth of Rev 20. So, what are you going to do about it? We have ministers who will help you understand better and can work within the constraints of autism. But you need to ask for help. Write us again, Ask !
  • Skip Miller

    Hello Terry, You asked a tough but answerable question. When God ordered the elimination of every man, woman, and child --- it was a different "day and age." BUT almost every one of those humans who had their lives cut short will be given enough time to make the same choice that you and I can be given today. We each must really understand the 'rules' and then must choose to obey them if we wish to inherit the gift of eternal life. If you do not already know how this will come about (as fully described in God's Word) then ask and it will be given to you, in words that those who have ears to hear, can understand.

  • Skip Miller

    Hello Anne , Suicide is definitely not the answer ! If you recall some of what you learned in United Church of God, you will recall that Most of the world does not YET understand God's Plan and must be taught it before they can be finally judged by Jesus our Savior.

    But that doctrine seems to me NOT what you are really interested in anyway.
    You want others to care.
    You want others to care about you ! Very normal and reasonable and proper.
    But how can you get this ?
    Perhaps as you say no one really cares about 60 year OLD people.
    Even you know that this is not strictly true. I'm 80. and yet people down the block sang Happy Birthday to ME today before a “going away” party for another neighbor family
    which is moving to Assisted Living.

    Now I want to tell you how to help yourself.
    You Must find someone, anyone, who is apparently lonely.
    There are agencies in every American city who have people helping lonely, depressed, even suicidal people. BUT I don't want you to get help !!!! I want you to Give help.
    And that is YOUR Solution.

    Until you practice GIVING to others what you yourself NEED, your life will not improve.

    Sound illogical? But THAT was Jesus.

  • Skip Miller

    Hello Mewt, I have not suffered as much as you, but I have suffered. And I did something about it. So can you. Here is the SHORT answer: find someone, anyone, who is having a REALLY hard time and help them. You can do it through any of the organizations that UCG lists or you can just go to an organization you know about near where you live. OR, you can simply go to someone else who is HURTING and help them. There is no other way to remove your personal pain and suffering! Sorry, if this seems too simplistic.

    My friend, one of our publications states that the world we live in, controlled at the present by Satan the devil, will get even worse. But no matter how bad things get, if you WILL help at least one other person, God will reward you NOW. You want relief? Give it to one other.

  • Skip Miller

    Hello Andre, The Apostle Paul did say,"Be angry (but) sin not." And as you mention, Jesus demonstrated righteous anger and it was real ! But it helps to have perfect understanding and proper timing which Jesus had. (We all wish we had that.) Can you be disappointed in other humans and not want to wipe them out? Of course, but it is hard at times. Keep trying. And when you are out of that immediate challenge situation, pray for the one you are upset with. God hears and can change people way better than you and I can,

  • Skip Miller
    Hello Brian, I love metaphor and Jesus OFTEN spoke in parables. They are quite similar. This Story that Jesus told is a parable. We would have to ignore many other Bible verses in order to make this parable into reality. I will not ask you to look up any scriptures right now but we have several clear booklets that LEAD you through God's Word and show all of us how the PLAN of God explains death and resurrection and when and why. I will ask you to send for one (or more) of our free booklets that do a better job than I just did. And I would speak (or write) with you again if asked to.
  • Skip Miller

    Hello lewellen,
    Please tell me your story, if you want , OR
    tell me what you think of Danny's story.
    What do you want ?

  • Skip Miller
    Hello Deanie, Thanks for asking ! In Lev 23 where all God's Holy days are listed , in verses 26 to 32 we find directions for keeping the Day of Atonement. The main distinction that God states about this day is that we are to fast, --- no food or drink for 24 hours. Initially it may sound hard but after doing it for 50 years, you begin to realize that fasting has several good physical as well as spiritual blessings attached to it. Talk to one of us who regularly fasts.
  • Skip Miller
    Hello Easter, NO, God will not kill you for taking your medication. But I would suggest that you talk to someone about your on-going needs. God is most interested in your Eternal health & welfare, that is why we pray but because we are all so very human, at the present time, God also wants us to be able to talk with friends who share our same deep seated Biblically based beliefs. Find a United Church of God minister near your home or write to me.
  • Skip Miller

    Hello Stephen, Your statement, "I seem to remember..." indicates to me that you may have been around for a long time. I will not argue with that memory but consider: How long has God given you (and me) to learn, assimilate, and practice God's Way of Life? In my case over 50 years. I think that God, being eminently fair, would give anyone enough time to really understand what they are getting into (and the incredible reward promised ! ) So, I cannot cite a "100 year" answer but I do not think that I have to. God is fair and lovingly merciful.

  • Skip Miller

    Hello Marsha, May I share with you a story? When I was first called I was excited and followed that call because I had never read God's Word and found it captivating! But it took me about 2 full years of seasons of keeping God's Holy Days before I realized what they meant and that I now must follow through. Growth comes in spurts, both physical and spiritual. We can and should grow until God ends our physical life. I like to say the process is: Called, Chosen, and then Endure to the end. I think you are on the same road as I am.

  • Skip Miller
    Hello Faith, Lena has answered very well, but I wanted to alert you to a relatively new booklet that we have: "The Rapture vs. the Bible." It contains a short, succinct history of that term, "The Rapture." I myself did not know that Christians have used that term extensively, only recently.
  • Skip Miller
    Hello Gayle, I was not sure that I understood your question correctly But I seem to understand what Mr. McNeely said: "those left (and not taken) are left to complete The Work." Did I get that right?