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  • Susan Salveson
    As a recovering alcoholic of 20 years, I can assure you that a compulsion against what God tells us is correct behavior is a compulsion based on many factors but which all have the same common root: Satan and his demons. You say it is natural, but God clearly states IT IS NOT. God tells us that the only sin we can commit against our bodies is sexual immorality. God did not create Adam and Bruce nor Sally and Joan. He created Adam and Eve. Capable of being fruitful and multiplying without the aid of science, which has in the majority no morals-only secular humanism & their god, Darwin. I would urge you to more extensive bible study on the subject. For Jeremiah 17:8 tells us “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; Who can know it?” (NKJV) From personal experience of myself and others, love is a choice. The mind, not the heart, nor lust, with the Spirit of God guiding us will give us all we need. There is nothing we cannot achieve with Him helping us.
  • Susan Salveson
    As a recovering addict w/an addictive personality, I cannot disagree with you more. If you experience any action that is based on compulsion contrary to our Father's law of love, you must understand we are only hurting ourselves spiritually, mentally, & physically. God says that the only sin we commit against OUR BODIES, is sexual immorality. The recovery from compulsory behavior of ANY type is the same. You say it is "natural" yet our Creator states clearly it is NOT. He didn't create Adam and Bruce, nor Sally & Beth to go forth and multiply. He created the prime example of what marriage is-God ordained, God created, from the first holy emotional & sexual union by blessing it male & female. Anything which alters that is the influence of so many things, but at the root of each cause is Satan & his demons. Perhaps you should try a greater and more biblical study before you claim gay people commit sin ONLY by not being faithful to each other, not that they are performing acts abhorrent to the Lord. God hates the dissolution of His family unit of humans that He ordained when creating us male and female. The only choice for gay couples to be fruitful is unnatural.
  • Susan Salveson
    This is an comment I hear all the time. To me it shows how shallow society now stresses illogical thought processes as a desirable thing to "prove" a PC position of being “judgment free”. But it doesn't make sense. Our land, & all the civilizations I have studied, have or had law. Law judges in clearly what citizenry may or may not do. Ok, pretty basic. But beyond that, we make judgments constantly! Should I cut in front of the car in the lane next to me even though it can directly affect the occupants' well being? Hey, sure! MY vehicle is bigger; might equals right, yes? And no, that turn signal is just for fun! We judge whether a person should be avoided based on appearance, ad nauseum. This last personally distresses me. I, when in one of these conversations, reply "Of course we judge. And I add, WE cannot know what is in the heart of another; only God does. And so, we do not pass penalty upon others based on our judgment-which could EASILY be personal bias. God will judge with righteousness and MERCY. And He judges us on our mercy to others. Humans are often not very good with mercy, yet how we show mercy is how we will receive it.
  • Susan Salveson
    Thank you, Mr. Martin. This was SO encouraging in so many ways. I feel lambasted on all sides sometimes by the insanity of peoples' actions. And I, too, do not believe it shall get better for long until the Prince of Peace returns to us in His glory.