Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

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  • suzyqm

    Good morning Hope, I have not forgotten you, it's been busy for me, I have saved your phone number so will surprise you with a phone call one day!!

    Shalom and Blessings to you!!!

  • suzyqm

    Good morning Mr. Berendt, As Hope already said we live to far from each other to fellowship together. Maybe you can help me, I know the UCG has live-streaming services, yet they are all password protected. How do we get a password, or do we need to be a member of the church?
    Where I live I don't know of anyone who believes as I do, so for now I live-stream a Messianic congregation out of Macon GA. I work 6 days a week, I have the choice to work Saturday, and attend Sunday worship, or work Sunday, and attend live stream fellowship. My decision is easy: "Obey God's Holy Word" but it does get lonely without fellowship. I do continue to pray for a congregation to come closer to my area, or if God wills, I would move.

    God Bless You Sir, I enjoyed this message and all the Beyond Today Television videos I receive in my email.


  • suzyqm

    Good morning Kathy,
    Sadly all the live-streaming congregations from this UCG, are password protected, I tried to send an email requesting how to get a password, I never received an answer. So I've decided to go back to live-streaming with a messianic congregation out of Macon GA.

    God Bless You Kathy, and praying you have a wonderful blessed week!!!

  • suzyqm

    Shalom Hope,

    I clicked on your name, then I clicked on, the send message tab, so check your personal email. When I clicked on it, it does not show your email address, which shows me this site does protect our personal information, which I like!!!

    Blessings to you and Tuffy!

  • suzyqm

    Good morning Kathy, all the congregation are password protected. I found a congregation in Florida, couldn't get into the live service but was able to watch some videos from that service. Really liked the pastor, and other teachers. When I tried to email them asking how can I get a password? I didn't receive an answer.

    Have a blessed Sabbath HUGS!!!!

  • suzyqm

    Good morning Kathy, Thank-you , I tried logging into a congregation out of Florida, but it was password protected, didn't get a reply when I emailed them asking how to get a password. I'll try your idea. Have a blessed day and ((((((Kathy))))))

  • suzyqm

    Good morning Hope!!! Love the work you and Tuffy do for the Lord!!! What a beautiful ministry you have!" When I quit working my heart's desire is to volunteer at our woman's shelter, and to visit our elderly confined to a nursing home, that have nobody coming to visit them.

    I live in South East New Mexico, are you near me?

    Have a wonderful blessed day!

    Shalom to you and love in Yeshua, also big hugs, (I am a hugger) Have a wonderful blessed day!!!!

  • suzyqm

    Hi Hope, I'm a 66 year old single woman. I also am a Sabbath keeper and do my best to observe God's Holy Days. The only Sabbath keeping church in my area also is a Seventh Day Adventist church. The nearest United Church of God is over 2 hours from me. I'm also alone in this walk, I'm thankful for Yeshua's love otherwise I couldn't go on anymore, walking this walk alone at times is so difficult I would love to have atleast one like minded friend. At this moment I'm battling a broken spirit. Wish we lived near one another, we could fellowship together.

    Blessings and Prayers