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    Well done. Very well done. A bold and brave message.
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    This article is over-partisan to the Israeli war effort, creating the impression that God cheers when Israel triumphs over “Arabs”; even suggesting that Israel, who reject Christ, are yet “worshipping God”.
    Christians should not support modern governments run by men or any race of people ~ Gal 3:28
    Yes, Hamas is a militant group, responsible for many innocent Israeli lives. But, it is the product of unalloyed prejudice to think such evil has not gone both ways and that God condones it.
    What is most disappointing is the absence of love & compassion for those suffering in the occupied states. Gaza is in a humanitarian crisis with 2m people squeezed into 365sq/km, high suicide, no potable water or treated sewage, 44% unemployment and rising poverty.

    Prophecy does not justify pride or joy in the triumph of Israeli forces against “Arabs”, and failing to show sorrow for innocents caught in the middle.

    We must be vigilant to watch, but even more vigilant to put on the mind of Christ and show (and genuinely feel) love & compassion for our fellow man, whatever race or nation they come from. God's plan is for all mankind and He will end all people's suffering ~ Rev 21:4