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  • tcr4ever39
    For as in the days of Noah...this gene editing has been going on in China under the radar for years. They are now just bringing it to light for public consumption. Taken to extreme, how about gene edited humans?
  • tcr4ever39

    As the title stated, America is at a crossroad and depending on the direction she chooses to turn in the days ahead will determine whether or not we recognize it as the America that once stood for freedom and the ideals of individual liberty or a nation that rejects those ideals and squanders the blessings of liberty by the siren call of socialism.

  • tcr4ever39

    Very inspiring to know that these people have continued in the faith since the 90's

  • tcr4ever39
    May God continue to lead Pres. Trump as he works to rid this evil scourge from our land.