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Born in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 31, 1952, Tom Nichol was baptized into God's Church on March 1, 1975. He has been an active member of the Nashville congregation of the United Church of God since its inception in 1995. He currently resides in Fairview, Tennessee, some 20 miles south-southwest of Nashville.

A student of the late Louis Nicholas at the former George Peabody College of Music, with a background totaling over 40 years in solo vocal and choral performance, Tom is an active member of the Nashville church choir and also serves as one of the church's regular song-leaders, as well as an occasional vocal soloist.

Tom holds an associate's degree in computer and information systems from Nashville State Technical College and has over a dozen nationally published articles in the area of computer communications to his credit. His special interests from a biblical standpoint include such figures as General Douglas MacArthur and Sir Winston Churchill, as well as such Old Testament characters as Ruth, King Manasseh, Job, Esther and Mordecai.