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  • Victor Kubik

    Thank you, Vince, for your insight.  Good to hear from you!

  • Victor Kubik

    There are variances to the mandates based upon state, type of meeting location and other factors.   Please check with your pastor about your area.  The issue is more about a divisive attitude that is not healthy.   I pray that we get through this face mask phase and move on. This is not the worst kind of trial that will befall us,  so let's be patient and considerate of all. 

  • Victor Kubik

    I should have been more exact.  Being gracious in the case of severe abuse would be not to be vengeful or want to retaliate.  I did not mean that we should kindly reach out to them.  Thank you for your comment.


  • Victor Kubik
    An amazing sermon! Didn't want it to end!! Great perspective and examples to drive your point home.
  • Victor Kubik

    Great blog!